Strong Schools, Strong Property Values & Fiscal Responsibility

Rye Schools Remain Strong:  Rye boasts of a nationally top-rated and internationally well-known powerhouse school district.  Rye students receive an excellent and well-rounded education and families are drawn to Rye from throughout the nation and around the globe. 
·         Click Here to see a list of Rye school accolades, along with an impressive list of college acceptances (page 3).
·         On April 19, 2016, Rye High School was again ranked in the top 100 schools as a “Gold Medal” School by US News & World Report among over 21,000 high schools nationwide:
·         #1 in NYS & #4 in the nation amongst all open enrollment schools (schools required to educate all kids within their zip codes).
·         #10 in NYS & #85 in the nation amongst all schools (including Charter & Magnet Schools employing acceptance/retention criteria).
·         Statewide ranking amongst over 700 NYS schools - Click Here; Nationwide ranking amongst 21,000 schools - Click Here

Strong Schools = Strong Property Values and Rye Property Values Remain Strong - Click Here:  The excellence of Rye’s schools has a premium effect on our home values-whether or not we have children enrolled in the schools…no other factor comes close. (Click this link: Nonlinear Effects of School Quality on House Prices, Abbigail J. Chiodo, Ruben Hernandez-Murillo and Michael T. Owyang, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Review, May/June 2010, 92(3) pp. 185-204)    

Rye Schools Remain Fiscally Responsible: 
·         Aaa Rating: Rye enjoys Moody’s Triple A rating, a rating reserved for the most fiscally responsible entities in the world. 
·         Low Per Pupil Cost:
·         Rye spends less per student than 87.5% of the 40 school districts in the county - Click Here. 
·         Several districts (including Harrison) pay $7K-10K more per student and only 4 of 40 districts pay less per student than Rye:
·         Yonkers
·         New Rochelle
·         Ossining
·         Port Chester 
·         Low Tax Rate: Rye has a lower true value tax rate than all but 1 of the 40 school districts in the county - Click Here.  
·         Efficiency: The District has made cuts and other adjustments to realize efficiencies.  In addition to sustained enrollment growth (Click Here), one other handicap for Rye schools is that they were already leanly managed when the tax cap became law.
·         County taxes: Separate from school taxes, about 20-23% of our property tax bill is attributable to the county budget.  Westchester is consistently ranked as one of the highest taxed counties in the nation.  Because communities pay a proportionate share of the county budget based upon their relative real estate values, Rye residents generally are required to pay a larger share of the county budget than communities having lower property values.