Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Vote YES

Dear Rye Record,

In the latest discourse about the school bond, I have been disappointed to hear inaccurate and misleading statements such as “Apparently voting no doesn’t count” and “The Rye School Board won’t compromise.” When the first bond lost by 10 votes with turnout of only 21%, most of the community was shocked and disappointed. The School Board received dozens of letters, emails and in-person pleas at meetings for the Board to propose the same bond. It is misleading to characterize the community’s surge of support as the Board’s inability to compromise or that “voting no doesn’t count.”

Furthermore, I hope that if people are confused or have questions about the bond, that they will avail themselves of the plethora of resources on our school district website or simply send an email to Many people are harboring misconceptions that can easily be cleared up. It is each individual’s responsibility to educate him/herself and we must continue to respect each other’s opinions so we can have polite and productive interactions.

In my opinion, voting for the bond is a vote for Rye, not just Rye Public Schools. One of the main drivers of home prices is the quality of the public schools. In order to keep them competitive, we must at a minimum repair crumbling infrastructure. In addition, if funds are not spent to remediate the HS/MS turf field, Rye Schools Superintendent Dr. Byrne has said the field will have to close in June 2020. This will impact Rye Youth Soccer and Lacrosse, not to mention middle and high school sports. Neighboring communities that have recently passed bonds include: New Rochelle $106m (2016), Mount Vernon $108m (2016), Harrison $46.5m (2016), Port Chester $80m (2017), Scarsdale $65m (2018) and Mamaroneck $50m (2019). These districts are investing in their children and their communities; we should too.

The Harvard School of Public Health concludes that the evidence is unambiguous – “the school building influences student health, thinking and performance.” (Eitland et al., 2017)

Please join me in voting YES for the school bond on June 11th.

Thank you,

Margaux Lisiak

Its What’s Best for Our Kids and Community

Letter to the Editor published this week

Its What’s Best for Our Kids and Community
By Cesar Pereira

The Rye Community should vote in support of the Bond on June 11. It will fund much needed upgrades to our schools’ aging facilities. We should complete the upgrades now and all at once because it is the most cost-effective way to do it. It is my experience as a senior executive of a global public infrastructure construction company that there are significant economies of scale to be gained from doing all of the proposed upgrades at once. Construction material and labor inflation is significant. It is my experience and I can report that experts have concluded that historically construction inflation is double the CPI. Rye can complete more work for less by doing this work now, rather than spreading it out over several years.

The bond will fund needed upgrades to our schools’ aging facilities. Even a cursory review of some of the larger budgeted items in the bond proposal proves this point. $10 million to improve heating and ventilation systems and $4 million for selective air conditioning. Anyone with a child in our system knows that all too often our children sit in classrooms that are too hot or too cold. Improving our schools’ HVAC systems is needed. $7 million to add and replace trailers for our elementary schools. Our kids need clean and safe classrooms. $3.7 million to improve the High School’s turf field. One look at the field tells you this is needed. $4 million for interior renovations needed to meet building, health and safety codes. Need I say more?

The need is incontrovertible. We have to do the work now and all at once because its saves us money. It is my experience that there are significant economies of scale achieved from completing more construction work at once. For example, there are a number of fixed costs such as equipment, supervision and other overhead costs that have to be incurred no matter the size of the project. Spreading these fixed costs over more work reduces the per unit cost of the work. In addition, there is significant savings from buying material in bulk.

Doing the work sooner, rather than later, also results in cost savings because construction inflation grows much faster than the inflation of the overall economy. In addition to reporting that historically construction inflation is double the CPI, experts also report that in the last five years construction inflation averages three times the CPI. Doing all the necessary upgrades over several years will drive up the cost of the work.

The upgrades are needed. Doing the work now and all at once will result in significant cost savings to the Rye School District. Please vote in favor of the bond on June 11. Passing the bond is what is best for our kids and our community.

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Check out the district's website regarding the June 11th capital bond vote!  Filled with lots of information and helpful information!

And if you have questions that the site doesn't answer email the district at

Friday, May 17, 2019

Here is a great summary of all the issues related to the School Budget and Board of Election Trustee Vote on May 21st from 7am to 9pm in the Rye Middle School Gymnasium

Looking for the list of projects and their costs in the capital bond propositions? Here it is: 

Itemized listing of the propositions

Thursday, May 16, 2019

A growing body of research has found that school facilities can have a profound impact on both teacher and student.

The Importance of School Facilities in Improving Student Outcomes
Here is a great example of what happens to a school when maintenance is deferred or ignored!

Westover renovation may cost at least $20 million
Rye City Schools has the second lowest per pupil expenditures when compared to comparable districts.

Monday, May 13, 2019

Only 8 days!

May 21st is only 8 days away! Are you ready to come out and support the school budget? Voting takes place from 7am to 9pm in the Rye Middle School Gymnasium.

Remember to submit your absentee ballot to the Rye City School District Clerk at 555 Theodore Fremd Ave Suite B101 Rye NY 10580.

Absentee ballot

May 21st is just 15 days away! Are you going to be out of down that day? Better get an absentee ballot then! Download your Absentee ballot application

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

It has been suggested that the District just keep bonding and bonding for many years. This will cost the tax payer thousands of additional dollars and bind the community and future boards to more and more debt for many more years. Should we push off problems we know exist to other boards and continue to let costs ramp up? NO - lets fix the problems now! On June 11th
Vote YES (Prop 1) YES (Prop 2) YES (Prop 3!

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

This week is Teacher Appreciation week but we know that every day is Teacher Appreciation Day!